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Every person, no matter what their budget is, deserves to have a calm and clear mindset- but it all starts in our living space and in our work area.

Unloved and out-dated decor and furniture that serve no purpose, as well as clutter in our living and work space, can sit very heavy our mind.  

With a minimalist approach to designing and maintaining, I help the working class LOVE and IMPROVE their refuge according to their story and their style.   

Just be YOU.

"Wherever you are, is always the right place.

There is never a need to fix anything and start at some higher place. 

Start right where you are."

-Julia Cameron

Consider this:

Is the condition of your Living Space a reflection of some life struggles? How about reverse it?

"If you are living through a challenging time, consider that transforming your personal space might serve as a pathway to stability and evolution.  Challenges offer opportunities for reflection and growth.  Often these storms, floods, or frustrating interpersonal dynamics push us to let go of something, or some thought of feeling that no longer belongs in our lives."

-Laura Staley

Allow Accent Staging and Design in Columbus, OH to help you let go of those items in your living space and in your work area that remind you of a situation that was negative, outdated decor that no longer serves a purpose and clutter that weighs you down.  

"Choose decor that brightly aligns with the pathway you're on to move forward, and let go of clutter that keeps you looking back." -Heidy Rucker Mitzki  

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Free Home Staging Tips for Realtors

Are you confident that your clients' home is Market Ready?

Do you have concerns that your clients' home has Clutter or Out-Dated Decor?

Do you worry how to communicate that they need a few simple upgrades? 

Click "download" to watch a short presentation. 

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Our Services

Home Staging

Confirm that your home for sale is showing at its finest and is up-to-date!

Give the viewer a visual of how this house can be their home.

  • Stage the main living areas of an empty home with select furniture pieces and decor.
  • Rearrange and improve the look and feel of an already furnished home.
  • Re-purpose items to the most appropriate place, room or storage.
  • Add pops of color.
  • Give a tour that you're proud of!

Let's give your home for sale the competitive edge it needs today!

Home Decorating and Organizing

Get Updated!

How your home and office are Designed and Organized 

affects everything about your attitude and productivity level.

I turn dull living spaces and boring and cluttered work areas into a fresh and modern space that my clients absolutely love.  

  • Have an immaculate and well-designed home with current color schemes and the trendy decor and furniture that you love!
  • Rearrange furniture to create a needed change.
  • Let go of old belongings that don't serve a purpose.
  • Add timeless decor or a memory wall.
  • Create an organized and inspiring work area.

Let's give your space a wow factor!

Message now for a quote.

It's nice to meet you!

I can show you how to LOVE the areas you spend the most time in.

Relax and regroup in a living room and bedroom that tells your story.

Improve your mental focus in a space free of clutter.

And simply feel really good about it.

Client Reviews

Sharon Landis Bennett Charleston, SC 2017

Moving out of the house I'd lived in for 30 years, downsizing AND decorating a new space would have been too much for me. I'd been following Alpha Spaces for a couple years, and I knew Heidy was the professional to call for help. She was creative with my limited budget and found ways to use more of my wall art and furniture than I thought possible. She's a music person, too, and designed an entire room devoted to my hobby. I'm happy, making a new start in a home using my colors, keeping the interior light, bright and open - the kind of change that I wanted. Alpha Spaces gave me a breath of fresh air! I look forward to working with Heidy again.

Dr. Matthew Murrin Mount Pleasant, SC 2016

Heidy is absolutely fantastic!
Heidy helped change my dining room into a fantastic Cigar/coffee bar! She helped me pick out the design colors and gave me choices from styles and price ranges that help fit what I was going for. It was excellent and I love the end result!!
I would highly recommend her!!

Edith Jockey Daniel Island Charleston, SC 2015

Heidy did an awesome job staging our house on Daniel Island. She helped me choose furniture , paint color and accessories. The house looked refreshed and sold in a week. We were very happy.

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