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In the Community

Volunteering Project Reviews

My name is Laura Lewis and I am the founder and director of Journey Together. We are a local non-profit that works with adoptive and foster families. One of our foster moms brought it to our attention that the parent visitation rooms at the Charleston County DSS offices were in deplorable condition. Very outdated with old, stained furniture, drab walls and no warmth whatsoever. Heidy had said she would like to help in some way with our local foster care crisis and when we approached her about helping with a vision to redecorate the 2 visitation rooms, Heidy jumped in with her whole heart! She volunteered her time to create a beautiful pallet that made once cold rooms, very warm and inviting.  We still hear comments from social workers and foster parents about how wonderful the rooms are! Most of us have never experienced a supervised visit with our child, so we can only imagine how stressful, sad and scary this could be. Having a beautifully decorated room won't take all of that away, but it most definitely helps to soothe and provide a space for parents and children to connect in a calm environment. We cannot thank Heidy enough for her work and huge heart to serve the parents and children in our community. She was a joy to work with and she made our suggestions, thoughts and ideas even better than we could have imagined! Everything was beautifully executed and done carefully, thoughtfully and with excellence. We were also in a serious time crunch to get the rooms done quickly and we never would have made it without Heidy!

I cannot recommend Heidy enough. You will know that you are working with someone who has a love and passion for what she does and even more importantly, someone who genuinely cares about you. Sincerely, Laura Lewis