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About Me

Isn't it time to personalize your space?

From modern & sophisticated designs to warm & inviting styles, Heidy Christina Rucker invariably brings her clients' vision to life with exceptional talent, creativity and commitment.

Her passion stems from a love of decorating, art, painting, photography and color palettes.  She gets her inspiration from life-long experiences traveling the world combined with a love and appreciation for nature.

Born in Columbus OH, Heidy's Buckeye spirit led her to The Ohio State University where she graduated with Bachelor of Arts degree.  A few years later, she followed her zeal for new opportunity and adventure to the stunning landscapes and beaches of Charleston, SC.  There, she became acquainted with Southern culture and charm while enjoying her enthusiasm for the outdoors, obtaining a certification in the U.S. Sailing Academy and PADI Scuba Diving.  In 2013, Heidy opened her own her Interior Decorating boutique firm and received her CID, Interior Decorator's Certification.

Having returned to Columbus OH in 2018, Heidy is actively helping clients transform their homes and offices.  She is also an effective member in the community; Versa Co-Working, The Vineyard Church of Columbus, Homeless Outreach at Rock City Church and mentors as a big sister at Big Brother's Big Sister's of Columbus. 

Heidy's approachable personality has set her apart and has given her a reputation for making the design process fun and collaborative. Her clients have continually reviewed the beautiful outcome and solutions she has brought about in their home.

A keen eye for design trends and colors, combined with her expertise in personalizing living & work spaces, Heidy continues to give her clients a platform for a voice and will for many years to come.

Top decorating talent, keen eye for color & approachable personality set Heidy apart from the rest.

Top decorating talent, keen eye for color & approachable personality set Heidy apart from the rest.